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cPanel + CloudLinux + SpamExperts

WordPress - Joomla - Drupal & Counting

Complete Plan from €49/y

cPanel - CloudLinux

Softaculous & By Hand Custom Installations

cPanel is the most popular web based control panel for managing a website. CloudLinux provides the LVE technology, designed to limit the amount of CPU and RAM accessible to a given process. It offers better resource tracking with its “cages” which allows limiting the resources any single website can use. 

Daily BackUp and More..

Regular and Premium Back-Up

A daily backup is standard. A Restore is also possible.
For CMS websites or Email heavy workloads we offer
External backup service with its own control panel
hosted completely outside the Data Center

Ultra Fast SSD ( E.U ) Servers

Fast  content Delivery Worldwide

SSDs have no moving parts, their access and seek times are many times faster than those of their mechanical counterparts. CMS websites will benefit from SSDs due to read and access performance-heavy workloads

Webmaster Help

Beyond ordinary Tech-Support

We install your applications if you host with us
Simple or Complex, the work will be done.
Most of the times without charge. We are CMS oriented.
Friendly Tech-Support standard

Optional NGINX + Maria DB

A smart way to handle thousands of hits per day 

Are you having thousands or hits per day ?
Maybe Apache is not the best option for your website anymore. We offer NGINX + Maria DB Hosting for exteme hosting conditions and higher website security

 Free Test Drive

Your name is good as money

We do not require any kind of payment in advance in order to deliver a hosting plan for business users ( companies etc ). You can try - test and evaluate everything before payment
Zero Money Risk !

WordPress  - Hosting

Almost all our  CMS hosting plans are 100% Customizable. Pick the plan you like and add Storage Space - Email Users - FTP users etc
We Use : cPanel + CloudLinux + SSD on European only Servers (NL/FR)
Extra WordPress or CMS  Assistance for your WordPress



With Web Design Services
We create for your company a complete Bootstrap WebPage with Company data, Contact info, Map, Footer , Google Optimized  &
Spam Protection
  • Premium Web Page
  • 2  Email Users - 600MB
  • 30 GB bandwidth p/m
  • Upgrade anytime by adding New Email Users or Storage
  • Email Control Panel
  • Contact us here


Host your own Website
Upload your own WordPress site
A smart  starter plan in a very affordable price. Good for CMS
1500 MB storage SSD
  • 4  Email  with SPAMEXPERTS 
  • Add more email users anytime
  • 50 GB bandwidth p/m
  • cPanel + CloudLinux + 2 MySQL
  • Daily Back-Up
  • Fully upgradable in all aspects
  • Contact us here


Three times the storage space
Double the  Traffic & Free app installations for  your CMS
  • 3 GB storage SSD
  • 10 Email with SPAMEXPERTS
  • 70 GB bandwidth p/m
  • cPanel + CloudLinux + 3 MySQL
  • Daily  + External Back-Up
  • Contact us here


Perfect for websites with alot of contents and traffic requirements much above average. 
10 GB storage

Mission Critical Hosting

European Fully Managed VPS Solutions from €69,00 per Month

Nginx is more effective than Apache, if your site gets overwhelmed. Apache is slowing down if it gets overwhelmed, but if you use

Nginx that won’t happen. Apache also refuses any requests when it’s overloaded,

but NGINX is made for making the VPS run faster and faster.

Affordable NGINX Managed Web Hosting by CYHOST.COM.CY


Why  choose Nginx over Apache server?

Unlike Apache, who is known for its process oriented approach, Nginx can take on a high load and high spikes. Nginx can also handle millions of requests which is one of the reasons why web developers prefer to host their websites on Nginx. Some of the websites that are hosted on Nginx, are Netflix, Wikipedia, Dropbox, and many more..


Apache or *NGINX - openstack - CentOS - cPanel - Host Multiple Websites


Fully Managed
Free Transfer
No Set-Up Fees
See below our Standard Features
    38GB SSD Storage
  • 2 TB Traffic
  • 2 CPU's/ 2GB RAM DDR4
  • cPanel + 2 dedicated IP's
  • Private Nameservers
  • Apache or *NGINX + Maria DB
  • PHP 5.4 or Higher
  • Daily BackUp - Amsterdam DC
  • Speedy Delivery


Fully Managed
All the Standard Features plus the following Technical specs

  • 58 GB SSD storage
  • 3TB
  • 2 CPU's / 3GB DDR4


Fully Managed
All the Standard Features plus the following Technical specs
  • 78GB SSD storage
  • 4TB 
  • 4 CPU's / 4GB RAM DDR4


Fully Managed
All the Standard Features &
Available with 6GB RAM also
  • 110 SSD GB storage
  • 5TB
  • 8 CPU's / 4GB RAM DDR4
  • Available with 6GB RAM also

VPS Advantages

  1. SSD Storage
  2. We use openstack -CentOS - cPanel
  3. *We now offer the famous NGINX + MariaDB setup without cost for a limited time 
  4. All VPS units are fully managed
  5. Daily BackUp is included
  6. Private Nameservers and Dedicated ip is included
  7. Multiple Web Site hosting is possible
  8. CMS installation assistance ( Theme,App's etc)
  9. Free WebSite Migration

Get in Touch , Happy to answer your questions 

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